Elett.r.a. SRL.

ELETT.R.A. S.R.L. is a company specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical, instrumental, technological and alternative energy plants.
The experience gained in more than 30 years of business has allowed the company to improve and specialize in new fields of operation, increasingly acquiring professional skills and technological knowledge.

SINCE 1984

The ELETT.R.A. S.n.c. di Arleo & Rizzo was born in 1984, thanks to Giuseppe Arleo and Paolo Rizzo, owners of individual enterprises specialized in the same sector. The company’s main business is the installation and maintenance of civil and industrial electrical plants and the supply of electrical equipments, aiming, since its foundation, at the highest standards of customers’ satisfaction, meeting their needs and expectations, through high quality products and services.
As time goes by, due to a more and more demanding market, the company, looking for new opportunities for its business, grows up in professionalism, capacities and technological competences, starting a new activity: the installation and maintenance of plants of telecontrol and conditioning and of plants for purification and water lifting.
The experience gained and the reliability showed from the beginning have allowed the ELETT.R.A, a regional phenomenon, to conquer the Italian and global market. However, ELETT.R.A. never lost sight of the developments happening in the local market, that depend, above all, on the oil extraction operations in the Val d’Agri area. This has enabled the company to specialize itself in the construction, test and maintenance of electrical-instrumental plants to control and mechanize the industrial processes.
In March 2003, thanks to a strong desire to grow and improve, the ELETT.R.A. S.n.c turns into the ELETT.R.A. S.R.L. In 2006 the resourceful management board decided to move the corporate headquarters to the growing industrial area of Viggiano with a new factory.

Work, experience and dynamism are key elements to keep the dominant position acquired on the market and to reach the maximum levels of efficiency and reliability.


The main goal is the total satisfaction of all customers. Any project includes a detailed study and the realization of an ad hoc model to meet the market’s needs with diligence and professionalism and to obtain the highest quality standards, operating with respect for the environment and the safety regulations, taking into consideration the dynamics of population and territory where the company works.
The verification on a continuous basis of the application of the regulations and of the political issues for safety at work, the constant indoctrination of the team and the idea that safety is important and needful are for us unavoidable and qualifying factors.


Transparency, enhancement and growing of the human resources are essential to reach the company's goals.
Training in the company can be considered like a moment of participation and motivation for the whole team, also and above all to encourage the team to be cohesive in order to pursue a common purpose.
The training courses organized by the company are the following, divided per sectors and activities:
General and specific Training
Fire-fighting Training
First Aid Training
Training for workers who are potentially at riskfrom explosive atmospheres
Training Equipment (works trucks, heavy truck crane, lifting platforms, earthmoving machines, etc.)
Confined space training
Specific Hazard Awareness training
Basic training (Ministerial decree March, 4 2013)
Training for the assigned personnel
High altitude training
Proficiency Training courses in personal survival techniques
Non-destructive testing training with Thermography
Training on topics related to steam generation
Personnel training for F-Gas handlers pursuant to the minimum requirements of EC/303/2008
Course for personnel PES and PAV, who performs work of installation and maintenance of electrical plants off tension pursuant to the new CEI 11-27

"The energy that emanates from the courage of their choices,
can illuminate the whole world."